Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Pulling out of Politics

I think that for awhile, I'm throwing in my hat when it comes to political articles.


The answer is, simply, I'm tired of it all.

I've pulled one of my articles, because I view it as too inflammatory. So far, I've been flaming the Bush admin, mainly because they're the only people talking right now. The squeaky politician gets the flamethrower. The article I pulled was a little over the top, when I went back and reviewed it.

So, why am I tired of talking politics? Because its like talking to a brick wall. I've spent alot of time trying to bridge the gap between the two sides. I'd like to see the old Republican party make a comeback. I don't like the Neo-Con agenda. I'd like to see the old Democratic party make a comeback. They're starting to sound as bad as the Neo-Cons. I guess we'll call them the Neo-Libs.

Both parties once tried to stand for the little guy. Now, all they really stand for is themselves. I've spent time reading and listening to both sides. Unfortunately, there's not much difference between the parties.

One side hates liberals. The other side hates conservatives.

I published my article, "What Our Nation Needs" on a couple of forums. The conservatives dismissed it. We have the leader that our nation needs, they said. If you actually read the article, you'll see that Bush isn't doing most of the things I talked about. The article could have been titled, "A few suggestions for the president." The liberals didn't dismiss the article. A couple shot it down as anti-feminist because I said "he" and not "he or she". Others decided to debate religion, and the fundamentalists that support Bush, rather than my article. It could just as easily been titled, "What the Democrats Need"

In the end, it all boils down to one thing. Neither side seems interested in healing the nation. Neither side wants to admit it is wrong on some things and right on others. For both sides, its "We're right, they're wrong."

Both sides are intolerant. Both sides are bigoted, just against different people.

Now, more than ever, we need a leader who can represent All Americans.