Saturday, November 20, 2004

Hypocrisy and the Un-American Way

I've been policing the news sites a lot lately, looking for material here. By 'policing' I mean checking them out and reading.

One article that truly just hit me between the eyes and made me want to rip up my Republican membership and go back to the Independents concerned the film shot and reported by embedded reporter Kevin Sites in Iraq. I started following the story over at One of the articles there caught my eye, so I followed it.

Here's the story. In the forums over at, there's a lot of talk about the story that Kevin reported. Kevin is the guy that gave us the footage of the US Marine shooting the wounded, unarmed Iraqi soldier. Now, I'll admit - I have not seen this footage, so I don't know what it shows - I only know what it reportedly shows. I may cover the report at a later time, but probably not, as it's been covered to death already.

What bothers me is the reaction of so many hard-right people over at a site that is called 'FreeRepublic'. You see, they all think that Kevin Sites should pay. Many just want Kevin removed as an embedded reporter. Some want him dead. His crime? He reported what he saw.

I'm not going to censor any names here. In my opinion, the people spouting this stuff are barely one step above criminal. I'm glad that these aren't the typical 'religious right' people. Any one of these people claiming to be Christian and saying someone should be killed for telling the truth...well, lets just leave it that they obviously missed Sunday School on a regular basis.

Here's what one poster over at FreeRepublic had to say:

To: Poohbah
He's an effin traitor. He is aiding the enemy. He should be tried and killed.
66 posted on 11/16/2004 4:31:36 PM PST by I got the rope
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There are rational voices over at FreeRepublic. They, however, seem to be being drowned out by the screaming mob, who agree with Mr. I Got the Rope. By the way, many folks consider 'I Got the Rope' a racial slur, since it is referring to a lynching. I say this because I have a relative who was suspended from high school for saying that very thing. Is that an image someone actually WANTS to promote?

This whole thing is disturbing because of the hard-right responses. Several posts on the same forum call for censoring the media. They don't want the truth shown, and if it is shown, it's treason. It is EXACTLY this kind of behavior that is destroying our country. This is just an example of what's going on with the right side. I have yet to find an example like this one on the left side, but if I do, I will scathe them just as hard.

I find it ironic that some of these people on the right consider everyone on the left to be Marxists or fascists. Funny, I don't hear the left screaming for murder and censorship, two very Marxist attributes.

When will the people of this nation wake up? What is it going to take for the left and the right to finally meet in the middle? Must we suffer another blow like the one suffered on 9/11? Are we actually going to tear our nation apart over what boils down to silly misinterpretations about what the other side believes? Are we going to let the extremists on BOTH sides rip us apart?

I've said it before. Divided we fall. From the looks of it, many people have forgotten that gravity works.