Monday, November 22, 2004

Conservative Group Calls for UN Expulsion from US

A California-based right wing group called Move America Forward is calling for the US to kick the UN out of America. They claim that the UN acts as a safe harbor for terrorists. The group's main website has a link to a petition for supporting removal of the UN. They have also launched a TV ad campaign with the same purpose.

The group's site claims that they are non-partisan. Interestingly enough, their webpage also lists their board of directors. Five are listed as either being republicans, working for republicans, or being conservative, and one is a US Marine. The group is chaired by none other than Howard Kaloogian, who takes credit for starting the 'Recall Gray Davis committee', which led to Gray Davis's ouster and Arnold Schwarzenegger's election in California. Strangely, they don't seem to think that this makes them a partisan organization. Don't get me wrong, I like Arnold, and if he were able to run in 2008, I'd vote for him. However, a group of Republicans getting together to oust a Democratic governor is definitely not non-partisan politics.

One article on their website states:

Are you tired of the constant stream of America-bashing from the shamelessly liberal news media and left-wing politicians who use every negative news story to launch a political attack against our military and our commander in chief?
Then join with the millions of Americans who are uniting to “Move America Forward” to win the War on Terrorism. Join our effort to stand up and support the brave men and women of our Armed Forces who are coming under constant criticism and condemnation from journalists and leftist anti-war activists.

Nope, nothing partisan in that, not at all.

The main thrust of the whole thing with the UN, is apparently from their site, based on the current 'Oil for Food' scandal and the UN's refusal to back the US invasion of Iraq.

I'll readily agree that the UN is in need of some work. However, talk of scrapping the only international body that attempts to oversee world peace is a little over the top, in my opinion. I think the UN would benefit if Kofi Annan stepped down, especially after recent allegations. However, the US isn't entirely blameless here. The Bush administration was adamant about a military assault on Iraq. When weapon's inspections in Iraq resumed and claimed that Hussein was following the WMD destruction guidelines, the administration still wasn't satisfied. Now we have the quagmire that is Iraq.

Now we have a group of Bush supporters trying to convince America that the UN harbors terrorists. Perhaps they missed the attack against the UN in Iraq on August 19, 2003, which killed the UN chief envoy to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello. Perhaps the terrorists killed Mr. de Mello for harboring terrorists. The UN isn't perfect, but then again, neither are we.

I viewed their ad that they have posted on their site. It's typical political speak, telling a one-sided story. They also have an ad that proclaims that documents were found in Iraq that 'prove' that Saddam had WMD and had 'extensive ties' between Iraq and Al Qaeda. They also have a link to an article posted by the Cybercast News Service that purports to have received these documents from "A senior government official who is not a political appointee provided with copies of the 42 pages of Iraqi Intelligence Service documents."

My question is this: If the administration has these documents, then where are they now? Why hasn't the administration presented these documents to the world to prove their case? With the recent election, if such documents were available, then surely they would have handed Bush a larger victory. Yet, there have been no news conferences to announce that we have them.

If the documents are real, then America is waiting to see them.