Sunday, November 21, 2004

America's Real Enemies Remain Free

In several news reports around the world, America's real enemies show their faces and continue on their path of bashing the US.

In Saudi Arabia, a muslim cleric speaks out against the US, saying that he is against us until death and urging muslims to enslave Israeli women. Jordanian terrorists fighting in Iraq murder Iraqi soldiers, either beheading them or shooting them execution-style.

My question is this: Where are these two countries on the 'Axis of Evil'?

Many have put forth evidence that Saudi oil money has been used to fund terrorist organizations. Jordanians and Saudis have crossed into Iraq and used Jihad to stir up new insurgents.

And yet, we hear little of diplomatic measures to stop these acts. Not a single shot fired. Why? Because Jordan and Saudi Arabia are our allies, of course. With friends like that, who needs enemies? We still continue to buy Saudi oil and the money still continues to filter out to terrorists and insurgents to be used against the US and Israel.

It was the Saudis who required the US not to go into Baghdad after Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. That was the cost of using Saudi territory to launch our attacks against Iraq. Now, we have Saudis in Iraq fighting against us.

It's even been reported that two of the hijackers of 9/11 had Saudi agents supporting them during their time in the US.

So, why does Saudi Arabia stand unscathed? Perhaps the rumors of Bush's ties to the Saudi ruling family are true. Maybe they aren't.

Either way, the result for the average American is the same. The Saudi's will continue to fund terrorism. Saudi citizens continue to fight against American soldiers in Iraq. Terrorism will continue to be a threatening shadow looming over our daily lives. Whether we live in an area that is likely to be a target, or we just know someone who does, terrorism affects us all.

I was, and still am against the attack on Iraq. Saddam Hussein was a small fish in a tiny pond. The sharks are still swimming free. If we are going to commit our forces to fight terrorism, shouldn't we be fighting the biggest fish?

Instead, we commit our troops, each one a brave and honored American citizen, to fighting in a backwater nation that had little power to affect us. Meanwhile, the worst enemies of America continue to build their position against us.